What happens to a bbl after years?

The Brazilian butt lift, also known as the BBL, has gained a lot of attention in recent years as celebrities and Instagram stars flaunt their enhanced buttocks after undergoing the procedure. This technique improves the butt’s appearance.

Before getting a Brazilian butt lift BBL, people ask some questions, such as what the BBL will look like after 5 to 10 years. To help the patients decide if they want to get BBL surgery, more details about the procedure are provided below.

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How Long Does A BBL Last?

After a liposuction treatment, the posterior loses as much as forty percent of the fat that is being injected into it within the first 2 weeks after the procedure. This is common, and the surgeon compensates by overfilling the surgical site.

The size of the butt will continue to increase as new fat cells are generated following this initial phase of regeneration. After around three to six months, the buttocks will reach a steady state.

The benefits of a BBL often continue for at least five years. In certain instances, the outcomes can last for a decade if the method is optimized.

After years of treatment, most people who undergo BBL for cosmetic purposes are pleased with the outcomes. After 10 years, the back should still look as round and perky as it did right after surgery.

If the patients do not significantly change lifestyle or do not gain weight, they observe satisfying outcomes in 10 years or more. For the finest long-term outcomes, a balanced diet must also be followed.

Please note that saggy skin cannot be addressed with a BBL. If your skin gets looser over time, you might choose a BBL touch-up. As the patient becomes older, putting on a little more fat on the bottom can help the patient to maintain the same form for a longer period.

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How To Improve BBL Performance

Most cosmetic surgeons agree that a patient’s lifestyle after BBL surgery determine how much fat remains in the buttocks. Only a certain amount of the transferred fat remains in the buttocks just after transfer. Several factors determine how much of the transferred fat remains, including the amount, the elasticity of the buttocks’ skin, and the patient’s habits during the healing process. By adhering to these guidelines, the BBL outcomes improve over time:

Avoid smoking:

If you want the results of your BBL to last at least 5 to 10 years, you should not smoke and should also try to stay away from secondhand smoke. It slows the process of healing due low supply of oxygen to healing body tissues.

Avoid Driving:

Surgeons advise patients to avoid driving for at least 2 months after surgery.

Avoid sitting on your butt:

After surgery, patients should not sit directly on their back for 3 to 4 weeks. While sitting, protect the treatment area to the greatest extent possible with a special BBL pillow.  However, over the next three to four weeks, the patients should avoid sitting in any position that puts pressure on the posterior.

Drink Water:

The healing process from BBL surgery can be accelerated by drinking lots of water to clear out toxins and provide the body with the nutrients it needs. Some doctors suggest putting Himalayan salt into the drink for several weeks after surgery to replenish the body’s vital salts and minerals.

Eat a Balanced Diet:

The patients are advised to consume highly nutritious foods to provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to recuperate from BBL surgery. Avocados, butter, salmon, olive oil, walnuts, and coconut oil, are a few foods that aid in the healing process.

Get a lot of sleep:

After a BBL procedure, most doctors advise patients to sleep on their stomachs. It’s important to make sure that the patients do not end up sleeping on their backs. It is not advised to sleep on the back for a minimum of 2 months following surgery.

Maintain Your Weight:

After surgery and for several years afterward, people should make an effort to keep their weight steady. The BBL outcomes often suffer if the weight fluctuates. If people gain an unhealthy amount of weight, fat will likely begin to accumulate in regions where fat was not eliminated via liposuction during the BBL procedure.

Dress Appropriately:

After BBL surgery, patients may be given a shaping garment to wear as recommended by the surgeon. Patients are advised to dress comfortably for roughly 2 months after the surgery. Wearing restrictive garments at this time can be detrimental to the survival of the newly transplanted fat cells.

Get Exercise After 2 Months:

After having BBL surgery, patients should wait around 2 months before engaging in severe physical activity again. This prevents fat cells from being burnt during exercise. However, a brisk walk is not a problem. After around 8 weeks, the fat cells are required to receive sufficient blood flow to resume activity. More intense physical activity will increase the flow of fresh blood to the area, hence facilitating optimal results.


The longevity of BBL results varies from person to person, but generally, the results can last for several years with proper maintenance.

Yes, your BBL results may change over time due to aging, weight fluctuations, and lifestyle factors such as exercise habits.

It is unlikely that your buttocks will completely return to their pre-surgery shape, but some changes may occur over time.

It is recommended to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for at least two weeks after surgery to ensure optimal healing. After that time, you can gradually resume normal sitting activities.

You should avoid strenuous exercise for at least six weeks after surgery to avoid compromising the healing process. After that time, you can gradually resume exercise activities with your surgeon’s approval.

It is normal to experience some loss of volume in the first few months after surgery due to swelling and the body’s natural healing process. However, with proper maintenance, your results can last for several years.

Yes, touch-up procedures are common after BBLs to maintain the desired shape and volume.

Maintaining a stable weight, following a healthy diet and exercise routine, avoiding prolonged sitting, and wearing a compression garment can all help to maintain your BBL results.

Complications such as infection, implant displacement, and scarring can occur in the long term, but they are rare with proper surgical technique and post-operative care.

If you notice any significant changes in the shape, volume, or appearance of your buttocks, you should consult with your surgeon to determine the cause and discuss potential solutions.