How can i sleep after BBL and tummy tuck?

Multi-procedure sessions are common among people who decide to undergo plastic surgery. There are numerous advantages to undergoing multiple treatments simultaneously, including reduced recovery time, a single aesthetic administration, and lower overall medical costs. The tummy tuck and the Brazilian butt lift are two treatments that patients frequently choose to have done together.

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A tummy tuck, which is sometimes referred to as abdominoplasty, is a common surgical procedure that helps patients regain their pre-obesity levels by removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal region, as well as by toning and realigning the abdominal muscles to their more youthful look. An enhanced overall contour and a smoother, firmer midsection are two advantages of a tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck has different types while BBL sculpts the buttocks and increases volume by using the patient’s fat from other parts of the body. Butt augmentation can improve the shape and size of the buttocks in any patient, regardless of their genetics, age, or other factors. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the operation has just become the most trending cosmetic surgery in the country. By combining a tummy tuck and a BBL, the patient can have a flat, tight tummy, and a sculpted waistline.

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Having several procedures at once is convenient and can change the the overall appearance of body, but it also has some drawbacks. Insomnia is one of the most frequently reported negative effects of having a tummy tuck and a BBL at the same procedure. This is because the patients are advised not to sit on their buttocks after bbl procedure. On the other hand, after a tummy tuck, the patient will not be able to quickly stand up straight. The recovery from these two treatments is undoubtedly difficult, but not unachievable. Below are some recommendations for sleeping after these procedures:

1. Use specially made medicated pillows

After a BBL and tummy tuck, the majority of doctors advise utilizing specially made pillows for better sleep. Pillows can be positioned beneath the patient’s knees and under their lower back. In this way, both the buttocks and the stomach feel less pressure.

2. Try sleeping on your side

Patients recovering from a tummy tuck and BBL mostly find it helpful to sleep on their side. It is important to note that this option should only used if the patient’s body sides are not being injected with fat during BBL. Sleeping on one side could harm the patient’s surgery outcome if fat was implanted into that side of the body. Your ability to sleep on your side after BBL surgery depends on how it is performed, so it is best to discuss this with the doctor.

3. Create a soothing atmosphere

Modifying the bedroom’s atmosphere does not directly improve the patient’s ability to fall asleep, but it affects positively the quality of sleep. When recovering from surgery, try using aromatic oil diffuser or relaxing music into the bedroom. You might feel more at ease in the relaxing environment, which would enable the patient to sleep more quickly.

4. Final Words

The hardest task after a BBL and tummy tuck is sleeping. It may be more comfortable for patients to sleep on their side or with supportive pillows. Additionally, creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom also contribute to better and deeper sleep.