What does a BBL look like after 10 years?

BBL surgery is a common procedure that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years among options for body reshaping. It makes sense because so many people want a quick method to enhance their overall look.

The BBL procedure is a popular choice for women who want to get the look of a curvy body. Purified fat cells are moved to the buttocks and thighs from other parts of the body. It helps reduce cellulite and provides more sculpted buttocks and hips area for persons who are conscious of their appearance.

This procedure is used for improving the figure and size of the buttocks. Typically, liposuction methods are employed to eliminate fat from predefined areas such as the hips, thighs, lower back, and tummy. The purest fat cells are then extracted from the obtained fat. The right amounts of extracted fat deposits are implanted in the target areas in the buttocks to create larger and more attractive buttocks.

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This procedure can be carried out typically on buttocks. BBL reduces back discomfort by strengthening abdominal muscles.

How long does the BBL effect Last?

It is normal to wonder if the results of BBL are long-lasting or not. BBL results are different for each person and can last from a few years to a few decades, depending on how well care is taken after surgery and while it is healing.

The body naturally absorbs about 30 to 40 percent of the fat cells that are injected during the surgery, but the body keeps the residual fat cells for the rest of its life. The volume and contour of the buttocks increase due to the regeneration of more fat cells, which mostly last for a very long time.

When the butt is fully healed and the fat cells are incorporated into the body, the butt’s shape is permanent. If you want your BBL benefits to last, you need to stick to a balanced diet and exercise routine after the treatment. The buttocks shrink or change proportionally depending on whether you gain or lose weight.

Influencing Factors on the Results of the BBL

A BBL’s effects could typically persist for years or perhaps decades if done properly. Each patient’s unique physical traits are taken into account during the BBL process, and several variables ultimately influence the BBL results. Among the crucial elements are:

Capabilities of a Cosmetic Surgeon:

A trained BBL surgeon can inject refined fat into the butt in the ideal quantities and locations to achieve perfect fat fusion. It is the beginning of something that will bear fruit for a long time.

Individual Genetics:

Woman who is going to have a BBL procedure should maintain her young look for at least ten years. Long-term outcomes are also influenced by genetics, skin color, and thickness.

A healthy way of life:

The care that is received throughout the BBL recovery phase is conclusive factor to determine how long the effects of BBL will persist. Following the surgeon’s instructions and keeping a proper body mass through a healthy meal, an active living with a constant workout routine, and a healthy and stress-free lifestyle is crucial to maximize and retain exceptional results even after ten years or more.

BBL: 10 Years Later

As most women choose BBL or augmentation procedures at a relatively younger age, most patients continue to have positive outcomes. The body is incredibly robust and flexible at this time, increasing the likelihood of long-lasting results.

Even after ten years, it is possible to continue to observe long-lasting advantages as long as you do not gain excessive amount of weight or see significant shifts in your weight. A balanced diet, consistent exercise, and a manageable amount of stress are the three components necessary to maximize and maintain success over the long run.

BBL does not address skin-tightening issues. One possible adverse effect of cosmetic surgery is skin laxity, which often necessitates more surgeries in the future.

Results of the Brazilian Butt Lift Over Time (10 Years)

You should be aware of what to expect from the surgery and how your butt will look in 10 or 20 years if you are planning to undergo a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

You must let the plastic surgeon know about your needs, concerns, and desired long-term BBL outcomes. By learning more about the procedure, you will be more equipped to decide what is best for you.

Following are some tips to assist you to identify BBL’s effects over time:


Following surgery, it will be easier to get long-term benefits if postoperative instructions are faithfully followed.

A Diet Rich in Nutrients: 

On the other side, a diet enriched in carbohydrates, sugar, or fat will encourage fatty deposits and impair butt shape.

Physical Activity: 

If you want to know how to get back in shape after having BBL surgery, you should seek the guidance of a fitness instructor.


To determine how long the benefits of your BBL last, it is imperative to stay in touch with the surgeon frequently.


BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, which is a cosmetic procedure that involves fat transfer to the buttocks to enhance their size and shape.

Immediately after the procedure, the buttocks may appear swollen and bruised, and the skin may feel tight.

It can take several weeks for the swelling to subside after a BBL. However, the exact timeline varies from person to person.

After 1 year, the final results of the BBL should be visible. The buttocks should look fuller and rounder, and the skin should be smooth and even.

The results of a BBL can last for many years, but they may not be permanent. The longevity of the results depends on several factors, including the patient’s lifestyle and weight fluctuations.

The transferred fat is incorporated into the existing fat in the buttocks and is treated like any other fat in the body.

Sagging of the buttocks after a BBL is rare, but it can happen. Maintaining a healthy weight and following post-operative instructions can help prevent sagging.

A BBL cannot be reversed, but the transferred fat can be removed through liposuction if necessary.

Multiple BBL procedures can be performed, but it is important to wait until the body has fully healed from the previous procedure before undergoing another one.

Like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with a BBL. However, serious long-term health risks are rare when the procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon.