Best BBL Pillows For Sitting

After your BBL, having a desk job can be just as much of a trouble as driving. You are not obligated to spend the entire day sitting at your desk, as there are many alternatives available to you. Some BBL patients elect to work while lying on their stomachs, depending on the work environment.

If you are working from a portable device, such as a laptop, rather than a desktop computer, this will function perfectly. This modification is not going to be suitable for everyone, given that certain businesses do not encourage their staff to work on the floor.

You can use a standing desk if your workplace is more relaxed about sitting while working. There are a variety of designs for standing desks. Standing desks are an excellent purchase that is beneficial to one’s health and should be considered even if one has not had a Brazilian butt lift.

It has been reported that those who sit for long periods every day are more likely to develop diabetes and cardiovascular disease and die prematurely. Diabetes, obesity, back discomfort, and depression are among conditions that may be avoided by using a standing desk. For the sake of your general health and speedy recuperation, investing in a standing desk is a wise choice.

It is mostly recommended by physicians to not put pressure on your buttocks after undergoing a BBL procedure. This may present challenges while attempting to resume daily activities such as traveling. As life goes on and you also need to get back to work despite warnings by the doctors. It can be alarming to sit after surgery, but the BBL pillow has been made to make it safe for you to sit by putting your weight and pressure on your thighs.

After undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, a BBL pillow is an essential companion to aid in your rehabilitation, enabling you to relax and sit without any fear and resume your daily routine with comfort and ease.

Buying Guide:

Picking the right BBL cushion might be challenging. When deciding which is best for your needs, there are numerous things to take into account. Before you go out and purchase a new pillow, there are a few things you ought to take into consideration first.

  1. Pillows’ Shape

While the ergonomic construction of most BBL cushions should guarantee your sitting comfort, you may find that some models are less accommodating than others. The pillow you bought may be too small for your thighs. This is why it is so important to find a style that works with the width of your thighs. 

Additionally, as an alternative to the conventional contoured shape, several BBL pillows are designed in the form of a donut. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should test out each of them to see which one suits your needs better.

  1. Pillow Size

Your size, bed height and width, and sleeping position can all determine how much space you need. The ideal pillow will fit here and offer support where it is needed. When resting on your stomach or back, a little pillow will not be able to elevate your head adequately, leading to discomfort. Further, if you sleep on your side, pressure points can form if the surface area is not sufficient. In addition to causing discomfort, a sizeable pillow can strain your muscles and ligaments because it gives undesired elevation.

  1. Plumpness

If your pillow is in right size, you should think about how soft or firm it is. While its fluffy appearance may appeal to your sense of comfort, the lack of structural integrity makes this an unsatisfactory choice. Additionally, it may lose its shape over time, necessitating a prompt replacement.

A more rigid cushion offers more firmness, which in turn can provide improved support. For those of you who prefer to sleep on your side, this is the position that will most effectively keep your spine in its natural alignment.

On the other hand, rigidity may indicate that it is overly hard, which may result in discomfort in the neck and spine. Finding the optimal level of plumpness for your needs may require some trial testing.

  1. Pillowcase

Some BBL pillows have coverings that can be removed, while others do not. In the end, those that do are going to be considerably better for your health. Because you will not have to remove the pillowcase when washing, they will be easy to maintain. 

Most BBL pillows have covers made of microfibers. Microfibers are synthetic fibers that are often used to make pillowcases, towels, and other things. It is recommended that you opt for pillowcases made of microfiber because these cases are not only breathable but also lightweight, resistant to wrinkles, and much simpler to clean.

  1. Material

Pillows are usually made of either memory foam or polyurethane foam. Memory foam is a special material that adapts to the contours of the body, offering support and reducing pressure points.

This premium fabric is durable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. However, some people do not enjoy memory foam pillows because they might become quite warm when sleeping.

A more affordable and extensively used substance is polyurethane foam. Although this kind of pillow does not provide the same contouring and support as memory foam pillows, it is frequently less expensive, making it a viable option for people looking to replace an old, worn-out cushion.

A firm substance is essential for a BBL pillow, so keep that in mind when shopping. Its major function is to redistribute the pressure that is being applied to your buttocks to your thighs. As a result, if it is weak, it will not be able to support your weight. As a consequence of this, it will lose its shape, and sitting on it will become far less pleasant. Additionally, it can result in your butt contacting the seat’s cushion, which is strongly discouraged following BBL procedure.

  1. Durability

When thinking about the numerous kinds of materials that could be used for your pillow, you should also consider its longevity. Your goal should be to get a pillow that will last a long time and provide you with consistent comfort and support. Memory foam pillows are frequently more expensive, however, their durability can differ substantially based on the product line or manufacturer.

  1. Pillow’s Portability

You should make sure your BBL pillow is portable because you will be carrying it around with you all the time. Ensure that it is light enough that transporting it will not be a burden before acquiring it. In addition, it is desirable to have a handle on the cushion so that you may transfer it more easily from place to place. Consider getting a BBL cushion and its carrying case for optimal portability.

Our Recommendations for Best BBL Pillows For Sitting

AwardDesignBBL Pillows for SittingRetailer
Editor’s Choice
Best PickUltra Comfort BBL Pillow with Back Support
Check Price
Budget PickSnatched Body BBL Pillow Combo Set
Check Price
Inflatable BBL Chair by Socivis
Check Price
Staff PickBombshell Booty Pillow
Check Price
BBL Mattress bed by Licious
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Ultra Comfort BBL Pillow with Back Support

Best Pick

This cushion is the top choice for BBL patients. This type of  BBL pillow is sold as a pair of two separate pillows. It is comprised of a regular BBL cushion with an additional back cushion.

Body posture and level of comfort can both benefit from the inclusion of a second cushion, which gives extra assistance for the lower back. It has the look and feels of black velvet, and it has an elastic band across the back of the cushion, making it a choice that is both elegant and functional.

The soft cover of this pillow can be taken off and washed, and a complimentary drawstring bag is included for storage and transportation. The Ultra Comfort BBL pillow is a masterpiece of comfort because of its shape and high-quality materials.


  • Better recovery
  • Unparalleled support
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to wash
  • Doctors approved
  • Highly Comfortable


  • It has dust catchy surface

Snatched Body BBL Pillow Combo Set

Budget Pick

The velvet-covered Snatched Body BBL pillow mostly uses memory foam. The set comes with two pillows, one of which is soft and the other strong. The strong cushion is well-suited for long hours of sitting. The other softer pillow is more comfortable for a short period.

The two pillows can fit in many different kinds of chairs, so you can sit comfortably while getting different kinds of support. The smaller size and lighter weight of the firmer cushion make it an ideal companion pillow for post-operative travel, whether by vehicle or plane. This BBL pillow is highly recommended for those who plan to fly soon after their Brazilian butt lift procedure.


  • Evenly distribute body pressure
  • Highly soft and comfortable
  • Built with premium foam
  • Easy to remove upper surface via zipper
  • Portable


  • Not extra soft

Inflatable BBL Chair by Socivis

Sitting on a typical BBL pillow for extended period can be problematic because of the pressure that it applies to the thighs, which is one of the issues that people have about using one of these pillows. The BBL chair from Socivis solves this issue. It is possible to sit and sleep for long periods on the inflatable chair because it has both a seat and a footrest.

The chair contains a 23.6-by-16.5-inch opening for your buttocks, enabling you to rest without exerting pressure. The BBL chair by Socivis may be used both indoors and outdoor, making it ideal for recovering at home or simply relaxing in the yard or by the pool. Additionally, an electronic air pump is added for rapid and simple inflation.


  • Hollow design avoids squeezing of the buttocks
  • One-click Fast Inflation
  • Reduces hip friction
  • Supports easy and fast recovery
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Does not give a soft feel like a foam

Bombshell Booty Pillow

Staff Pick

Bombshell booty cushion is the greatest BBL alternative for quality. This pillow was created and given a patent in the United States. The Bombshell booty cushion, which the physician often advised, was made with BBL patients in mind when it was constructed. It is convenient for usage in a variety of settings, including the home, the business, the automobile, and even the airplane.

The bombshell booty cushion is designed to contour your thighs, making it a supportive and long-lasting healing tool. It also features a convenient urine funnel during the first few days after surgery, when bending over to use the toilet is quite problematic.